This year we had an excellent Christmas! The girls got lots of great things from Santa, and then we went to MS to spend time with family. Here is a video of Phoebe and Sophie seeing what Santa brought first thing on Christmas morning:

A few photos from Christmas morning. I only have aftermath photos. Rick got a before one with his blackberry, but I don’t think that one’s been transferred to the computer.
Phoebe enjoying her kitchen.

Sophie enjoying her Little People farm just before we left for Mississippi. That hat was Phoebe’s when she had her first Christmas and it barely fit on a 2.5 month old Phoebe. I think it’s kind of funny on Sophie! Also note her cute candy cane dress that Grandma made! Phoebe had a matching one.

The week before Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa came to spend a few days with us and to help us get our house ready to sell. Rick decided to get cupcakes for dessert one night while they were here. Phoebe rather enjoyed hers (it had red icing).

From December 2009

Sophie’s just always a happy baby:

From December 2009

And a few from Church the Sunday before Christmas. We got a family photo taken. Here is the good shot:

From December 2009

And the humorous, but more honest shot:

And a few of the girls before church. Phoebe just was not cooperating with getting her picture made that day.

I hope everyone’s Christmas was as good as ours was and that everybody has a very happy New Year! 🙂

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