Sophie’s 9 months old!

From January 2010

How did that happen? Of course, I had to do her 9 month photoshoot today, but not without a struggle. 😉 And don’t forget with help from her sister! Complete with art direction, “No Sophie! Sunglasses on your eyes!” Or, “No this one!” as she switches who has which pair (and yes they are the same). It was cute. Rick got video of it even. It’s amazing how difficult it is to photograph one child, much less two of them!

From January 2010

(For the grandparents, there is another collage of all photos, plus individual ones from this shoot in the album).

With 9 months comes a well-check! Which means more stats! Here are Sophie’s latest numbers:

Weight – 23 lb. 12 oz.
Height – 29 inches
Head circumference – 46 cm

So our little girl is still growing like a weed! She’s also doing really well developmentally. I think she’s just trying to catch up to her sister in everything! 😉 She’s been a lot of fun lately. Occasionally she’ll even let me put her down for a few minutes! Oh and she has 5 teeth! 3 on top and 2 on bottom. Again with the catching up to her sister!

Here’s the making-of video.

Making of Sophie’s 9-Month Pictures from Jessica Drewrey King on Vimeo.

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