Sophie’s 1! and 12 month well check

From April 2010

My dear, sweet Sophie has turned a year old! How quickly has the past year flown by?! She’s grown so much! I have tons of pictures to show how active she’s been!

Not long ago we had family members here helping us to move so we decided to do an impromptu family birthday party for Sophie while everyone was here. She really enjoyed her cake!

From April 2010

After cake, she and Phoebe “helped” daddy put together one of Sophie’s birthday presents.

From April 2010

She’s an incredibly happy baby/soon to be toddler! She loves her cheerios! She often has one of these snack cups with cheerios in her hand!

She used to hate bath, but has come around to enjoy them. She even handles the hair washing better than her sister!

Last night I tried to get some 12 month shots. The top photo of this post is my favorite. But I also love this one of her and Phoebe laughing. They were both just playing and rolling around on the couch and giggling and having a good old time! Of course, they stopped once the video camera came out!

From April 2010

There are many more pictures in the album of her party and shots from her 12 month photoshoot last night. My mom also took some party pictures, as well as some Easter photos of us that you can go check out!

Sophie also had her 12 month check yesterday. Isn’t it amazing how happy she looks in those pictures that we took last night after having 3 shots and a finger prick earlier in the afternoon? Our little girl is doing great developmentally and she’s still growing like a weed. Here are her stats:
Weight: 25 lbs. 9 oz.
Height: 30 1/8”
Head circumference: 46.7 cm.

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