18 month and 3 year well-checks and Haircuts!

A few weeks ago, the girls had their well-checks and haircuts! It was Sophie’s first!

From October 2010

We cut Phoebe’s hair off into a cute little bob! It was tangling so much, that we ultimately decided to go short. She was behind the idea too. I think it turned out adorable! She sat like such a big girl in the chair while hers was being cut!

Her 3 year checkup went very well! It was on 10/27/10, she weighed 35.5 lb and was 39 inches tall.

The same day Phoebe got her hair cut, Sophie got her first hair cut! It was badly needed…

I didn’t get a great after shot, but you can at least tell that it’s not in her eyes anymore.

I also didn’t get any “during” shots because I was holding her during her cut. She did pretty well. I can’t believe we went so long between cuts! The haircuts were on 10/28. Sophie was right at 18 months old for her first haircut!

Sophie’s 18 month well check went very well too. She was 30 lb, 34.5 inches, head circumference was 48.75 cm. I think she’s trying to catch up to her big sister!

5 thoughts on “18 month and 3 year well-checks and Haircuts!”

  1. Wah, Sonja is nowhere close to needing a haircut yet! The girls look so adorable! My daughter is doomed to be bald in back and shaggy in the front for a while yet 😛

  2. Oh,my! I am speechless over how big your girls are! I guess it has been just too long since we’ve last seen each other. You know, Ethan was almost four when he got his first hair cut! You could put it up in a ponytail!

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