Cleaner Science Petri Dish Soaps

Back in the summer, I saw a post somewhere (CRAFT, I think) about Cleaner Science’s petri dish soaps, and immediately thought of Ashley. I quickly ordered some since her birthday was coming up. When it came in the mail, the first thing I noticed was that the envelope they came in had no give. I opened the package and found…

From June 2010

Yeah, clearly I should have thought about ordering soaps from Texas and then having it shipped to Alabama in the Summer. Yeah, they came completely melted. I was so sad! I contacted the seller, Sara, and she pointed out that I could have gotten a cold pack. Somehow I missed that in the description when I so quickly ordered. So I was sad that I goofed and my birthday gift to Ashley was ruined. I went on ahead and gave the melty mess to Ashley and explained what happened. She told me that it was the thought that counts. And I left the whole ordeal at that.

Then a couple of months or so ago, Sara asked if it was safe to send me another batch for free and with a cold pack! Well, the temperatures were still getting in the 90s here in Alabama when she contacted me, so I told her that I didn’t think it’d be a good time to send another batch. Sara informed me that I might get a little surprise when the weather cooled off. And sure enough, a couple of weeks ago I received a box, and it had this in it:

From December 2010

Much better! I gave the gift to Ashley, 6 months after her birthday, and she was pleased to get a non-melty batch. The soaps were a big hit! I’m so glad we got them, and they’re in their four distinct pieces. šŸ™‚

So the morals of this story are, read the fine print when ordering online, think twice about ordering soap or other meltables in the summer, and finally, Cleaner Science rocks!

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