Recent Conversation with Phoebe

Last week we were driving to school and listening to a bible songs cd. Phoebe was questioning me on why I wasn’t singing a certain song and I told her that it was because I didn’t know it. Then I started singing along to the chorus. What happened next completely took me off guard.
Phoebe: Mama you know this song?
Me: I know this part.
Phoebe: The yellow part?
Me: This song is yellow?
Phoebe: Yeah.
Another song comes on.
Me: What color is this song?
Phoebe: This part is purple, but the other part is yellow.
The next song.
Me: What color is this song?
Phoebe: Red.
I wait a few minutes, then ask her what color is it now, is it still red?
Phoebe, very matter of factly: Yes mama, it is still red.

4 thoughts on “Recent Conversation with Phoebe”

  1. I don’t know. Apparently it is common for young children to see colors in music. It is also more common in girls and lefties. So she may be actually “seeing” colors. Or she may be making it up. It’s hard to tell right now. I keep quizzing her, though to see if she keeps giving me answers. I will be curious to see if her answers are consistent, but I haven’t actually written down what songs are which color to easily check that.

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