Orange Sauce for Angel Food Cake

From March 2011

Another thing we’ve been getting from our GrowAlabama share lately has been a lot of citrus! Last week I took a whole bunch of tangelos (whatever I had on hand), cut them in half and juiced them. I got about two halves juiced, when I thought the juicer stopped working. So I proceeded to use the electric juicer as if it were a manual one and kept on trucking.

I took all of that juice, and then added water to it until I had 2 cups. From there, I followed the Orange Sauce for Angel Food Cake recipe from Taste of Home. The final result was delicious!

After I photographed and sampled the cake with the orange sauce, I decided to make myself a cup of coffee! Doing so, I realized that my Keurig wouldn’t turn on. Also, our regular coffee pot, or the phone, or pretty much anything along that counter top were all off. As in without power. I spend the next 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get those back on. It was on a GFCI circuit that happened to be across the room and I didn’t notice it was off for far too long. I eventually figured it out though, but not without calling Rick at work in hopes he might have ideas! And also, juicer not broken after all. So moral of the story, when an appliance “stops working,” make sure it’s not the only appliance that stops, and you know, check all of the GFCI outlets in the area before wasting too much time looking elsewhere.

Maybe my next food post will have no mishaps to go along with it. 🙂

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