Spring Door

Last year, I really wanted to make this Spring wreath for the front door of our then new house. Turns out I was busy moving, and unpacking, and also couldn’t find the materials anyway, so it never got done.

The supply problem was fixed recently with a Joann’s moving into town! I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t find the green fun fur anywhere else but Joann’s this weekend. I also found everything else I needed there, as well.

So yesterday I get the supplies and immediately set to work. Phoebe got up from her nap while I was wrapping the green fun fur all around. Once I it was all wrapped, she wanted to help push the pins into the flowers and into the wreath. This sounds like dangerous work for a 3 year old, but she did really well! Sitting on my lap the whole time and closely supervised, of course. Then Sophie woke up, and of course she wanted to help too. So Rick helped her help. She mostly put the flowers on the wreath and Phoebe or Rick would pin it into the foam (occasionally moving them so that we didn’t have a clump all in one spot). It worked out really well! I love that the whole family pitched in with this one!

From March 2011

More photos are in the album.

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