Metal Mouth

One thing I haven’t posted about here is that I got braces in January. A week before the brackets went on, I had to get spacers put between my back teeth- these were little rubber bands they inserted between each of my back teeth. My teeth all really hurt for most of that week! I think that hurt worse than getting the braces on! The day I got the braces installed, I did before and after photos using our webcam. .

From January 2011


From January 2011

My teeth really hurt for about a week. I couldn’t eat much more than soup! Even the goldfish crackers hurt to eat! The church dinner that Wednesday night (two days after I got the braces) was fried chicken. Um, yeah, that was sooo not easy. But I made it, and after the first week it definitely settled down. My mouth was still sore after that, but it was different areas. For instance, my front teeth would hurt for a few days, then that would be fine, but then my back teeth would hurt, and so on.

This week I had my first adjustment. It looks like most of my adjustments will be every 6 weeks. So far the adjustment has made it difficult to bite down on food. Otherwise, it’s not too bad. I’m now sporting some super attractive rubber bands in my mouth! I’m supposed to wear the elastics 24/7 for the next 6 weeks, except when I’m eating or brushing my teeth. Since I eat a billion times a day, I end up changing them often! I tried to capture the super attractive rubber bands on Monday in a couple of different ways.

Mirror shot with the good camera, but it focused on the camera. You can still see the elasctics:

From March 2011

And to compare to the before/after shots on the day I got them, a webcam shot:

From March 2011

Couldn’t see the elastics unless I got close to the camera, which made the image kinda weird. Oh well. Maybe I’ll figure out better ways to photograph my teeth over the next couple of years. Or maybe this’ll be the last photograph meant for my teeth, who knows! 🙂

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  1. I think it’s too early to really know. They’re still trying to figure out if the teeth on my left side will move. If they don’t, then that means at least one tooth is fused to the bone. I think then they will look at removing that tooth, if that is the case. I hope we’ll know a bit more by the next adjustment, but it could take longer than that to know for sure.

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