Sophie’s 2!

From April 2011

Thursday this week, My little Sophie-bug turned two! I can hardly believe two years have passed already! She’s grown so much and is turning into quite the sweet, spirited, beautiful little girl! She’s definitely not a baby anymore. Babies can’t draw with sidewalk chalk. 🙂

She loves to draw and color. Her favorite colors at the moment are purple and yellow. She also loves puzzles, playing dress-up, and playing with her sister. As I type this, she’s playing with heir little toy kitchen and talking on the phone that goes with it. She also carries around her baby doll everywhere. This baby’s name is Purple Baby.

From March 2011

Also on Thursday, she got a haircut! A badly needed one. Before and After:

After the haircut, we went home, ate some dinner, then sang happy birthday with a cupcake.

Which she rejected in favor of applesauce. Funny kid.

On Friday, she had her 2 year well-check amidst the storms. She is currently 34 lbs, 35 inches tall, and her head circumference was 49.5 cm.

Our baby girl is no longer a baby! This afternoon we will have a party with friends to celebrate. 🙂

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