Sweet Sunday Morning

Lately Phoebe has been a bit of an early riser. We’ve had to tell her that during the week her clock needs to have a green “6,” and on the weekends we’d really like it if it had a green “7.” She has this clock from Target that has different colors for each digit. Well, she doesn’t seem to get on the weekends that mom and dad would really like to sleep in. This past weekend, she would come into our room early in the morning and declare that there was a green 6 on her clock, so it’s time to get up! The sun is out, so let’s get up! Saturday I tried to get her to climb into our bed and snuggle.

Sunday morning she came into our room around 6:15, went to Rick’s side of the bed and said, “Daddy, I want to snuggle Mama.” She then climbed into bed and inserted herself between us, put her forehead on mine, and wrapped her sweet little arm around my neck. She also made sure to point out that I had not brushed my teeth yet. I pointed out that neither had she. She stayed that way for maybe 10 minutes or so. It was sweet while it lasted. Then she crawled out of our bed and asked if I needed coffee to wake up.
“Yes, I do need coffee to wake up,” I answered. Then she said, “I need you to come help me make coffee because I can’t do it all by myself.” I sent her to Rick and they both got up and made me coffee.

That was my sweet Sunday morning. I hope to have more like it, even if it means waking up earlier than I’d like.

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