Nearly Double?!

So today Molly had to go back to the vet for her second round of shots. Puppies need to get shots about every 3 weeks. Every time she goes in, she gets weighed. 3 weeks ago she weighed 7 lb. Today, she weighs 12.9 lbs! One more lb. and she’d have doubled in weight over a 3 week period. I did check to make sure that was normal, since they kept commenting on that at the Vet’s office.

I mentioned that she figured out how to get out of the fence. He said that I needed to fix that problem quickly. If you stop the behavior quickly, they’ll give up and forget. But if they get out enough, they’ll learn that they can do that. Once it gets to that point, the puppy will find new ways to get out. So to fix the problem… I moved their dog house back into the corner where we believe she is getting out.

To try to document her growth, I am trying to take lots of pictures. As in the comment in another post below, I put up new pictures today. I’m also trying to learn photoshop, so please ignore the badly photoshop jobs! 😉

So that’s the highlight of my day… taking the puppy to the vet. Yes, my life is interesting. 🙂


Guys, let me know if this is doing anything wierd, but I think I finally got it worked out. I’ve got to figure out how scope and strings work in php because they were biting into me bad all night working on this real simple project. Someday I’ll clean it up and understand the code better, but for now it seems to work.

New Pictures in the Gallery!

Bee on flower
I just added some photos from last Sunday’s doggie bath time and some pictures of flowers that I took this afternoon. I’m having quite a bit of fun taking pictures right now. Of course, most of the flower pictures I took were way out of focus and didn’t get put up. But I’m proud of the ones I did get put up.

And the bath time ones… were really after the bath. It took both of us to bathe Molly anyway. And no, we didn’t dare give Chad a bath. But he happened to be outside too. 🙂

Holy Shrimp on a Stick, Batman!

Well, I went over and got advised on my masters program today. I found out that I was missing a rather important component to my plan of study… a major. Nobody told me about this thing until about a week ago! I had been under the impression for quite some time that all I needed was a couple math classes and engineering minor and everything else was free reign. Boy was I wrong! Once I had it pointed out to me though, I started to feel really stupid about the whole thing. Within minutes of looking in the course catalog, I could see just how abundantly clear it was that I needed to have a major.

It looks like this is going to end up making one of my 3-hour courses that I’ve already completed not really good for anything, except possibly to help out my GPA. My ideas of finishing early next fall are completely shot to hell. I don’t know anymore what classes I’ll be taking to finish up either (I was informed that the math classes I planned to take aren’t the ones the electronics faculty like us to take).

I’m hoping to be able to talk with Dr. Ho about getting him as my advisor tonight. Maybe from there I can get things lined up and I can make sure that I don’t waste any more of my time!