7 dpo

Today I’m 7dpo. I’m officially in the middle of the 2ww. I won’t test for at least another week. We’ll see how long I can hold off. 🙂

I hope that everyone had a great holiday. Our second Christmas went well, as did our first. 🙂 We rang in the new year with sparkling grape juice (two reasons, one is that my parents don’t drink. The other, I can’t drink during the 2ww! Or at least I try not to.) when the ball dropped at 12:00 ET. We promptly went to bed, even if it was only 11:00 CT. 😉 It was 12:00 somewhere!

I’m glad the acronym tag came in handy. I can’t promise I’ll keep using it for those two acronyms because they’ll be used a lot and I’ll get tired of adding that. But I will try to use it anytime I use a new acronym.

Well today’s post is a little bit everywhere, and basically useless. There’s really not much to post about during this phase of the cycle.  I’ll try to come up with more topics to write on though!

CD15 Update

I went in today for the mid-month ultrasound and bloodwork.  Normally I would have done this a few days earlier, but I was out of town, and I’m sure the doctor’s office wasn’t open. 🙂 In any case, today I went for this.  There were lots of follicles, one big one that they thought had already ruptured (meaning I’d already ovulated).  They wouldn’t know until the bloodwork came back though.  If the bloodwork showed I haven’t ovulated yet, then I would need an HCG trigger.

After a tedious day sitting by the phone, they finally called, and the bloodwork showed… that I’ve probably already ovulated!  I guess I will call in a couple of weeks for a beta if no period has started yet.  She didn’t give me a hard time limit on that.  I’ve got the new nurse, so it seems she’s still learning or something.  Thank God I don’t need the trigger shot.  I’m so needle-phobic I don’t know how I’d deal with giving on to myself, or receiving one from Rick (this is the option I’d choose, btw).  If we’re not successful this month, there is always the possibility that I’ll need the trigger in the future.  I’m sure I’ll hold my breath on that decision every time!

I don’t know exactly when I ovulated.  I chart my temperatures, even though I don’t have to.  I may write more on that another day.  I thought that I had a temperature rise a couple of days ago indicating possible ovulation, but then it dropped again yesterday morning.  It’s on its way back up today, so I don’t know?  Maybe I didn’t ovulate til yesterday.  I guess we’ll see.  My sleeping patterns have been awful (see previous post), so that kind of skews the temperature readings a bit.  This makes it a bit harder to decide when to do a blood pregnancy test.  I guess I’ll cross that bridge when/if I get there.

All that being said, I hope everyone’s Christmas went well!  :)  Ours was great!  It’s not quite over though.  We’re going to my parents this weekend, so more Christmas-family-time to go!


The femara leaves me exhausted. At least this cycle. I realize I’m perpetually tired, but this is different. There isn’t enough coffee in the world to keep me awake! But yet, I have to work anyway. Such is life.

On an unrelated note, how about the layout of the site? I’ve played around with the sidebar widgets and I think I have it set up how I like, but I was wondering what others thought? I can’t customize the look of the theme unless I upgrade with wordpress.com. Right now I’m just using what they freely offer. I can play around with the sidebar though. Also, I love some of the dashboard functionality that comes with a wordpress.com blog. One of my favorites is the blog statistics I can access through the dashboard. We use webalizer for our other blog, and I don’t like that nearly as well as this.

Anyway, not much to update today. I’m too tired to write in depth on anything.

CD3 update and more on Aspirin

Everything today appears to be back at the baseline. I will be on Femara for the next 5 days. I’ll go back for a follow-up on the 27th. Normally I’d probably go in sooner, but, um, Christmas is in there and not only are they probably not open, but I will not even be in town.

I actually did get to see the Dr. today. Normally I just see the nurse. I pointed out a bit more family history I recently thought of. He did not seem as alarmed about that family history as some of my others I’ve told him previously. I also asked if it would be ok to take the low-dose aspirin for the entire cycle. He seemed to think it wouldn’t really help, but it could, and if that’s what I wanted to do.. kinda attitude.

So why do I want to try the aspirin? Aspirin therapy can possibly help with the clotting problems, assuming I may have some sort of clotting problem, which we don’t know if I do or not. There are also some other studies that say that the aspirin, working as a blood thinning agent, could cause more blood flow to the reproductive organs, which would overall improve their function. There are other studies that say that it doesn’t do anything to help with reproductive function. So it is all still very blurry right now. But, because I’ve had three very early losses, I wanted to try *something* different than I have been. If it helps, great! If not.. then I don’t know. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Oh, we talked about the path ahead too. Right now it seems that we’re going to try three more cycles of Femara. After that then we’ll start talking about Femara combined with IUI. At least right now I’ve seen that I can get pregnant on the Femara without IUI, so maybe IUI will be unneccessary. The only way to know though is to see what may come of these cycles before then!

Some of my non-infertile friends may not know what the femara is doing. Often as a treatment for unexplained infertility, a doctor will prescribe a medication that will cause superovulation. In a normal cycle, a woman will have one dominant follicle between her two ovaries. The follicle sort of holds the egg before it is released. In superovulation, several follicles are allowed to grow, allowing for mulitple eggs to be released. This is why the odds of twins is increased on these medications. However, my doctor does not seem worried about me producing twins. For some reason, the femara has a lesser chance of twinning than the other common fertility drug, Clomid. So why does superovulation help in unexplained infertility? Well part of the problem with unexplained is they don’t know what’s causing it, so various treatment options are tried. The idea here is that maybe if we throw more eggs into the equation, there’s higher odds that one will implant and be healthy. I’m sure there are scientific papers behind all of this, but I don’t have any handy.

So, now that I’ve bored everybody to death, I am very excited to be able to do another treatment cycle. These doctor ordered breaks just about kill me!

Again, if anyone wants me to maybe go into more detail about these things, holler at me and I will try to explain if I know. If I don’t know, well then that gives me something to research that I hadn’t thought of! I could probably come up with resources for many of the things as well. Most of it is in my head, but I got all of it either from Dr. Google, or my RE at one point in time or another.

Now that I’ve talked about femara and aspirin in one post… I don’t know what I’ll post about later after this!