Another week!

Another week has passed! Since I don’t have much to actually say, I’ll do another picture post! Don’t miss all of the extras in the album.

Last week we received an edible bouquet. It was my first ever! This definitely did not last long. Rick ate all of the melon (with a little help from Phoebe) and I ate the rest. It was delicious! I had to take a picture of the bouquet and share!

I mentioned last week that Phoebe has been really sweet with Sophie. Here you can see her trying to figure out the buckle in the swing, and then later actually swinging her. Who needs batteries when you have a toddler around?

She also figured out she could see the picture on the camera after I took it.

Here’s Sophie this morning in her bouncy chair. She is wearing the little outfit that we brought Phoebe home in the hospital in. I love being able to use the cute girly clothes again (with new additions just for Sophie, of course)!

To end, I’ll share a photo of a rosebud from our church. Our church displays a rosebud during service to commemorate the birth of a new child. This is Sophie’s rosebud. We missed church this past Sunday, but Kristin snapped a photo for us. Thanks so much for doing that! I thought I’d share with everyone else.

From April 2009

Otherwise, things are going pretty well around here. Sophie is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time still, so we’re pretty tired with the interrupted sleep, but we’re making it. I’m still trying to take it easy as I recover from surgery, but I’m also starting to get antsy and cabin-feverish. We’ve gone out to lunch a couple of times, which does help. I’m slowly starting to do more around the house, while trying not to completely wearing myself out. I’ll get there.

Unrelated to going out and doing stuff around the house, today I managed to shower, fix my hair, and put a little bit of makeup on while Miss Sophie slept! Progress is definitely being made! So glad that I can actually manage to do that. 🙂

18 month well check

Today was Phoebe’s 18 month well check. True to form, our little girl is still growing tons! And for the first time in a while, we had a well check with no ear infection! Yay tubes! She’s doing very well developmentally and physically. Today’s stats:
Weight: 29 lb. 6 oz.
Height: 32 3/4”
Head circumference: 48.8 cm

It was a good appt. today and no shots! Yay!

Busy weekend and 38 weeks

From April 2009

We had a very busy weekend! Saturday started with the MS Walk at UAH’s campus. I let Rick and Phoebe walk, while I sat in a camp chair and read for a bit. 🙂 Since I’m having a scheduled C-section, I saw no reason to try to encourage labor by walking a mile or more… Our camera’s batteries were both dead, so I only had my iPhone to snap a few photos. The best of the three I got were of Rick and Phoebe starting the walk.

After the walk was naptime! After naptime, we went to the Granades’ house for a shower! Geof captured some great photos of the shower, and has them up in his flickr account. I love the family shot he got of the 4 of us! The shower was great and Phoebe had a great time playing with other people’s toys! She loved it when Eli bounced her on the trampoline. She giggled and squealed and just had a great time on that trampoline.

Tomorrow marks 38 weeks of this pregnancy, which is the last week! The C-section is scheduled for one week from today. I had my last prenatal appointment this morning. There is not much to report, as they did not check my cervix since I’m scheduled. I’ve gained 2 more lbs., putting me at +25 lbs. overall. Compared to the 45+ I gained last time, that’s great! Fundal height was 38.5 cm, so measuring pretty close to perfect. My diastolic (bottom number) blood pressure was a little high, but the doctor thought that was likely from all the sudafed I took last week to fight the sinus crud (which is mostly gone now, and I’m down to just taking claritin daily again). The baby was estimated to be 6 lb. 5 oz, which is exactly the same size Phoebe was estimated to be just before she was born (for reference, she really weighed 8 lb. 4 oz, at birth, so I do not trust these estimates much). I would be surprised if this new little one really is that small, but we’ll see in a week!

That was about it for my appt. I have to be at the hospital at 5:00 am next Tuesday for a 7:00 surgery. My parents are coming into town and will take Phoebe to daycare that day. I can hardly believe that this pregnancy is almost over!

And just for completeness, I have a 38 week belly shot to offer this week:

From April 2009

The belly… it is HUGE! I’m sure we’ll do one final shot next week either Monday night, or maybe at the hospital before the surgery.

37 weeks

The end is near. We now have less than two weeks to the scheduled C-section! I can hardly believe it’s almost time! Seriously, where did the time go in this pregnancy?

Yesterday I woke with a splitting headache and sinus drainage. Yay. I told Rick that I don’t have time to get sick right now. I took mucinex and tylenol. I had my weekly appointment, so while there I asked to take Sudafed as well and I’ve been given permission to take it for a few days. If I’m not better by Friday, they’ll prescribe an antibiotic. The goal is to get rid of this crud before the baby gets here. I hope we can make that goal since the crud normally likes to stick with me for long periods of time.

The rest of the appt. went well. I’m now dilated to 1 cm, and still not very effaced (not given a number). Chances are good that we’ll make the scheduled date (we’ll keep our fingers crossed). My blood pressure was fine and the baby’s heartrate was in the 150s. I gained 5 lbs. in the past week, putting me to +23 overall for this pregnancy. Not bad at all!

Since I have no belly shot, I’ll leave you with a scene from yesterday. Yesterday, I walked out of our office to find a bunch of guys from our office waiting at the elevators. One of them had pushed the button as I walked out. Another proclaimed, “You’re still here!” when I walked out. I told him, “Yep, I’ve got two more weeks.” At that moment the elevator doors opened and I stepped in, and no one else did. I asked if they were still waiting on someone, and the answer was, “Yeah I think so.” So hopefully that was true and they weren’t just afraid to get on the elevator with the very pregnant woman. 🙂 It certainly gave me a good laugh on my way to lunch at the very least!

36 weeks

Actually a day short of 36 weeks. But my appt. is today and the surgery is scheduled for 3 weeks from today. So I did a belly shot a day early too to make life easy! Onto the belly:

From March 2009

Today’s appointment: No weight gain to report (really surprised since I’ve been eating non-stop)! Blood pressure was really good (90-something over 60-something)! Fundal height was 37 cm. The baby is estimated at around 5 lbs. right now. I was a fingertip dilated and not quite 50% effaced. The baby is still pretty high, but head down. We’re crossing our fingers that I’ll make it to the 14th scheduled date.

If you’re reading this on the site and not in a feed reader, don’t miss the play set photos I posted!