More Pet tales

So I get home from work yesterday, and was going through some magazines when I hear little squeaking noises outside. Well the cat was out, the dogs were in, I didn’t think anything of it. The cat tortures little animals all the time. But Molly insisted on going out shortly thereafter. I let her out and she runs under the deck and comes out with this little animal in her mouth. At first I thought it was a rat, and if the dog and cat want to kill rats fine by me! But, and this is where I get hypocritical, I see little bunny ears and everything changes! I had a glass of tea in my hand and run to Molly and insist that she “Drop it!” into my free hand. Of course, this was no rawhide bone or fake animal, she wasn’t about to drop it. So I had to find somewhere to set my cup down and then catch the dog again and pry her lips open. At this point the little rabbit was starting to slip out anyway, so she finally gave up and dropped it in my hand. The poor little rabbit was soaked! He was small enough to fit in my hand, but he was old enough he had his eyes open. So I run inside and put him in a box and call the vet. Of course, our vet was all, “we don’t do rabbits.” They did say to put him in like a butter bowl with some towels and to call another vet they knew that did rabbits. Well the other vet was closed. So I got out some gladware and an old ripped up t-shirt that was used as a cleaning rag, and wrapped him up and put him in the gladware container and placed him next to me on the couch til Rick got home. Rick comes home and immediately starts saying, “No!” He thought it was a kitten, which if it were there would be no “No”‘s. I figured we wouldn’t be able to keep a wild rabbit anyway, but I didn’t know what to do with the poor thing. Our solution was to get all of the animals inside, and free the little rabbit out in the back of the yard where we’ve seen another, bigger rabbit hopping around. We set him free and for the longest time he just sat there. We went back inside and when I checked a little while later, he wasn’t there, so I can assume that he safely made it home!

In hindsight, I’m sure my neighbor wouldn’t appreciate me saving a poor little bunny since he tries to keep a garden going all summer! Oh well!

Gosh, doesn’t everyone want a cat or dog now after my story? 😉

D#&* Dog!

Wow! Over a month without an update! You’d think between two people we could update this thing more often. Well, I just sent an email to my mom describing my weekend. I will copy that email here, because the rest of the world may find it funny/interesting/sad/frustrating as well. Someday we’ll make a post about our Vermont trip and post up some pictures, as well as a link to other pictures that people have taken!

Here’s a description of my weekend:

The weekend was pretty good. We didn’t do too much. Every time we put Molly out for more than 5 mins. unsupervised, she gets out. So the weekend was spent trying to get her used to being inside all the time. That didn’t take too much though since it was raining. Saturday we went shopping and crated the dogs while we were gone. Apparently we forgot to latch Molly’s crate all the way, because when we got home we were greeted by her. The cat food bag had been ripped to shreds and there was cat food all over the kitchen. I had left my plastic watering can with a little water in the breakfast nook. She attacked that (she was thirsty and their bowls were empty) and got water all over the living room (she drug it that far). She got into the bathroom. I hadn’t fully unpacked yet, so there was a bag in there with some yarn – some old that was balled and a new skein that I bought in Vermont. The balled yarn she strewed throughout the living room. There was yarn all around the coffee table. There wasn’t that much lost though. She had ripped the label off of one of my new skeins, but it didn’t look otherwise damaged. It had also been dragged into the living room. She got into a brand new bottle of contact solution and got that all over the living room floor. She also got into an almost empty tube of toothpaste (which we threw away)! All of this was dragged into the living room. The toothpaste luckily didn’t get everywhere. And I think that’s about it! Oh yeah, she attacked the trash in the bathroom too. It wasn’t that bad to pick up after her though. I made sure that all of my yarn I wasn’t using got put upstairs in the craft room. We try to remember to close the bathroom door when we leave. And we now double check that her crate is latched completely when we leave her!

Other than that, she’s done pretty well inside. They both followed me around everywhere, and as soon as they go outside, they’re ready to come back in! It didn’t take long for her to adjust to wanting to be inside! And it didn’t take Vincent long to go back to the way he used to be in Oxford. He even scratches on the door when he wants to come in again (which drove me nuts in Oxford too). I think that we are going to install an underground fence so that we can let her out when we’re home and not worry about her getting out. We’re going to try to fix any holes around the fence that we see, and also trim her nails. We will continue to crate them during the day while we are at work, and walk them every day that it is not raining when we get home. We will try this for a little while and see how it goes!

Yesterday I worked on Mt. Laundry and started putting together all of those squares I got from the exchange I participated in. Rick is happy to finally see me working on that afghan. it is going to be a pretty good size too! He went to a Derek Webb concert last night while I stayed at home and relaxed and worked on my afghan. When he got home, I took a nice long hot bath, and it felt great to unwind! However, you can visit this site to check out the CBD products we use for our pets, and they love it.I was amazingly not sleepy last night. I finally went to bed about 11:20 or so because I knew I would need to get up this morning. Getting up wasn’t that bad either!

The Element of E-ville

Wow…. another month has gone by with no posting from either of us.

Since in the last post I promised to tell the story of the hot water heater, I’ll give it to you here:

Jessica was showering and informed me that the hot water was basically not hot anymore. I knew what to do as I’ve either done it or watched it done twice before. The heating element had gone out and we needed to get a new one in. So after church, I go to everyone’s favorite orange home improvement store (trip #1) to pick up a multi-meter so I can decide which element has gone out. I go home, find this out, and head back to everyone’s favorite orange home improvement store (trip #2) where I pick up the appropriate heating element and one of their ‘tools’ (if you can call a metal cylindar-ish thing a tool) for removing heating elements. I get home and get everything disconnected and for the next 3 hours or so off and on (I watched Under Seige while I rested) I fought with that heating element…. and the element won. So now I’ve wasted my entire Sunday afternoon watching an amusing but bad movie and fighting with the heating element of E-ville. I talk with my parents about the situation and the only thing we can think of is that we need more torque. The ‘tool’ says to insert a screw driver and that will give you the torque you need. Well, it hadn’t. So, I trudge off to everyone’s favorite orange home improvement store (trip #3) and buy a 4-ft metal rod that will fit through the ‘tool’ and as a result I have more leverage. I get home and go after the E-ville element and imagine what happens next….. did the E-ville element come out? Hah! The metal rod bent! I bent a friggin metal rod trying to get this out. At this point, I surrendered to the E-ville element and called a plumber in the morning.

All I know of the resulting plumbing visit is that first he thought he was at the wrong house when he saw Jessica because he had installed this water heater two owners ago and the lady who owned it then was just a tad older than my wife. So he came in and tried it once and said… yup, it’s really stuck in there. I know from what I was told that he used a chisel in some form or fashion and after a few minutes of serious noise (Jessica just went and put dishes away, so we don’t know any details) he had it replaced.

Let’s just say that my shower on Tuesday morning was a very, VERY welcome thing.

19.3 lbs.

So today Molly went for her 12 week shots. She has to get shots every three weeks until she is 16-20 weeks old. They weigh her each time too. At 6 weeks, she was 7 lbs. At 9 weeks, 12.9 lbs. And now at 12 weeks she’s 19.3 lbs. This fast growth rate had the vet and his assistants (I don’t know what they’re called??) trying to guess what was mixed with the lab. I think the thought was maybe golden retreiver. But basically, what it came down to is that she’s going to be big. hm….