Sweet Potato Casserole

You may remember a couple of years ago, we signed up with Grow Alabama to get weekly vegetables sent to our door step every week. We started off with the Gold plan figuring it was better to jump in completely and see how well we could keep up. We spent a lot of that year cooking and eating great vegetables, and usually had tons leftover to share with friends and family. Then, we decided to put our house on the market, so we didn’t renew for 2010 so that we could focus on getting our house sold and finding a new home for our family.

Fast forward to now, and our old house has finally sold, and we’ve been in the new house for quite some time, we decided to sign back up for Grow Alabama, this time buying a Silver share so that we’re not quite as overwhelmed each week, while still getting plenty for our family! We’ve been members again for about a month now, and are loving it again! The past few weeks we’ve gotten sweet potatoes, hence the title of this post. We decided to make Sweet Potato casserole. We know it is not good for us, and usually only make it during the holidays, but who could resist once the idea occurred to us? We use this recipe, and it is soo amazingly good! This time, unlike at Christmas, I actually measured my sweet potatoes as I cut them up, and used significantly less than we had used then. It ended up tasting that much more like dessert without the extra veggies in there, and plus, it wasn’t overflowing the pan we use, as it was Christmas Day.

I started with sweet potatoes from our weekly vegbox.

I ended up only using the bag on the left, plus one more potato from the right bag. So we still have plenty to make more. Not that we need that much sugar and butter in our lives every day, but still, we could.

I cut these all up and threw them in a pot and added water. Then I went off to do laundry and nearly burned them, because apparently I didn’t add enough water. So yes, I can burn potatoes, apparently. So what? I just added more water and let them be for a bit longer. Once they were tender, I drained them.

And then like magic, Rick and the girls came home! He did the rest from there. What came out of the oven, was delicious! It didn’t even taste the slightest bit burned (thank goodness)! Phoebe declared she did not like it, and Rick and I decided to let her keep thinking that. That means more for us!

Salt and Pepper

We are oh so slowly beginning to decorate our house. For Christmas, I got the girls these letters in their initials at anthrophologie. I love these things! Then i decided to do an “S” wall in Sophie’s room, and a “P” wall in Phoebe’s room. Right now their walls have their anthropologie letters, plus framed pictures that came from a calendar from etsy that I won last year (from turnaround design, who appears to be on hiatus at the moment). I hope to continue to add to each of these walls over the years.

From February 2011
From February 2011

Runaway Trampoline

So just over a week ago, we got a new trampoline. The girls thought it was awesome!

From February 2011

And well, maybe I did too.

Rick also enjoyed it, but we hadn’t had a chance to photograph him in it yet.

Last Thursday, we had a line of storms come through, and when we next saw the trampoline, we saw that it had been moved so that it was up against the fence. The fence was fine, so we just moved it back where it was and didn’t think much more of it. Because, hey, it stayed in the fence!

Today, one week and one day since we installed the trampoline, we had another line of storms come through. The damage was all North of us, so I really didn’t think much about it this evening when Rick and the girls got home. I instructed Phoebe to go outside and play while we prepared dinner. I followed her outside, and heard, “Mom, there’s no trampoline!” Sure enough, where our trampoline was this morning, now looked like this:

Definitely, no trampoline there. I surveyed the backyard, and found a piece of foam in the fence. This foam was from the bars that held the netting up. Thankfully, our fence was fine.

I ran to the fence and climbed up (it’s taller than me, so I have to climb to see over it). This is what I saw:

Note, that is our trampoline in a drainage ditch about three lots away from our house.

While we are very sad (the girls especially) that the trampoline is gone (and so quickly!), we are very thankful that nothing else was damaged in the process. I’m still in shock that the thing managed to fly over our privacy fence! Phoebe’s already had the solution that we just need to buy a new one. She’s gonna have to learn that she’ll have to wait for that. In the mean time, we’ll have to jump at friends’ houses and Meme and Granddaddy’s house!

Wedding Card

You know, I’m awful about giving cards with or without gift. I do apologize to my friends and family for this. But, I have a ton of card-making supplies. Last week, I went to a wedding shower for my brother and his new wife. For some reason I thought that I should include a card with the gift. I pulled out as much of the card-making/paper-crafting supplies as I could find (as that room is still unfortunately in boxes). This is what I put together:

From February 2011

I also had a bird and a scroll-thingy on the inside, but didn’t get a good photo of that.

Recent Conversation with Phoebe

Last week we were driving to school and listening to a bible songs cd. Phoebe was questioning me on why I wasn’t singing a certain song and I told her that it was because I didn’t know it. Then I started singing along to the chorus. What happened next completely took me off guard.
Phoebe: Mama you know this song?
Me: I know this part.
Phoebe: The yellow part?
Me: This song is yellow?
Phoebe: Yeah.
Another song comes on.
Me: What color is this song?
Phoebe: This part is purple, but the other part is yellow.
The next song.
Me: What color is this song?
Phoebe: Red.
I wait a few minutes, then ask her what color is it now, is it still red?
Phoebe, very matter of factly: Yes mama, it is still red.