3 Months and Christmas recap

From January 2008

Phoebe is 3 months old today. And that is definitely something to smile about.

We have lots to post about, and this will be a picture heavy post!. I returned to work this past week. The transition went smoothly. Grammy watched her this past week, and tomorrow she starts school! I’m a bit apprehensive about the switch to daycare, but I’m sure we’ll do fine. 🙂

I have yet to post about Christmas. We had a busy one.

From Phoebe Decemb…

We sported a faux hawk.

We rode an elk.

We did not like being made to wear hats…

And as you can see, Santa was very good to Phoebe!

Favorite toy from Santa …

From Phoebe December 2007…

A baby mp3 player!

As always, there are many more photos in the linked albums. Wish us luck going to school tomorrow!

Quickie Update

Phoebe is now 12 weeks, 1 day old! And she is growing before our eyes!

Last night our little girl laughed! And she was awake! Rick will claim she was laughing at my burp. I still think it was the dog or the tv she was laughing at. Who knows!

And today, she rolled from her stomach to her back! She does not like being placed on her stomach for tummy time. Now she can put herself back where she wants to be!

She is also grasping things like a champ now! And she is getting much better at getting the objects to her mouth once she has them grasped.

Soon I will go through the Christmas photos and get those posted. Needless to say, our Christmas was great, and I think that Phoebe got everything she could ever imagine! 🙂