36 weeks

Actually a day short of 36 weeks. But my appt. is today and the surgery is scheduled for 3 weeks from today. So I did a belly shot a day early too to make life easy! Onto the belly:

From March 2009

Today’s appointment: No weight gain to report (really surprised since I’ve been eating non-stop)! Blood pressure was really good (90-something over 60-something)! Fundal height was 37 cm. The baby is estimated at around 5 lbs. right now. I was a fingertip dilated and not quite 50% effaced. The baby is still pretty high, but head down. We’re crossing our fingers that I’ll make it to the 14th scheduled date.

If you’re reading this on the site and not in a feed reader, don’t miss the play set photos I posted!

Latest checkup

First I want to thank everyone who offered condolences. All of the phone calls, blog comments, twitter responses, and facebook comments were appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now onto happier things…

Today I went to the doctor again. I’ve gained 6 lbs. in the past two weeks. The nurse said I was probably retaining a little bit of fluid, and they didn’t really say much more about that. Fundal height was 35 cm, so measuring right on track. They don’t think she’s gonna be huge anymore due to that (I asked). The nurse mentioned a little bit of glucose on my urine, but the doctor didn’t comment on it, so I guess it’s nothing to worry about yet. Blood pressure was 127/86, which is apparently still in the good range, and the baby’s heartbeat was 130. I thought that sounded low, but anything between 120-160 is good. They said she was probably just resting or sleeping.

That’s about it for today! I go to the doctor weekly now. Next week they’ll estimate the baby’s size and start the cervical checks. I don’t put too much stock in the baby’s size estimate since Phoebe was supposed to be 6 lb. 5 oz. and she was 8 lb. 4 oz. (there was only a few days between my last appt. and her being born). But I am curious what they estimate this baby to be.

Today’s doctor’s visit

I sadly do not have a picture to go with this update. I will try to take one in the next day or two for a 33 week photo.

Today I had my 32 week visit (at almost 33 weeks). It was a pretty boring visit, which is good at this point. My fundal height was measuring right on where it should be. This concerned me a little bit because I had been measuring large the past several visits. The doctor didn’t seem concerned though, so I’ll take it. I’ve gained 4 lbs. the past two weeks, putting me at +12 lbs. overall. And the baby’s heartbeat was at a good 153 bpm. So things are looking good and boring around here for the time being. I’m ok with that!

Since I was already in the neighborhood, I stopped by the Hospital to see Becky for a few minutes. Becky looked great and I’m so glad we got to visit for a bit. It sounds like the baby is still doing pretty well all things considered, so I was glad to hear that. I’m afraid to post too much of our visit, because I don’t want to steal any of her thunder. 🙂 But I’m glad she let me come by to see her so early in the morning (it was about 8:30).

In other news, tomorrow morning, bright and early, we take Phoebe to get tubes put in her ears. She’s battled an ear infection pretty much since Christmas that just won’t go away. Our options right now were more antibiotics or tubes. We decided to go with tubes. I’ve talked to tons of parents who’ve taken their children for this procedure and feel fairly confident that everything will turn out ok. Right now I mostly worry about her not being able to eat or drink anything (even water) after midnight tonight. Fortunately, our appointment is really early (we have to be there at 6:30), so maybe we can just pull her out of bed and go straight there. We’ll see. But, be thinking about us tomorrow as we deal with this. I realize it is a routine procedure, but that seems to matter very little when it is your own kid. I think Rick and I will need more strength than she in the morning. 🙂

And that’s about it for now! I hope everyone’s week is treating them well.

Baby Shower photos!

Our diaper shower photos from Mississippi can be found here. Phoebe had a blast playing with the tissue paper at the shower, as you can see. After she napped that afternoon, we drove to Tunica to go to Paula Deen’s buffet at Harrah’s casino. That’s why we’re all posing with Paula, as well as on her front porch. 😉

Unrelated, but I was asked yesterday why we call pacifiers dummies. I mentioned that other English speaking countries call them that and I’d read a few blogs overseas that used that terminology. When I thought about it, I thought how appropriate that title was. A pacifier is a dummy. There’s no milk!

That’s about it for today. I hope everyone has a great weekend!