3 weeks

Saturday Phoebe turned 3 weeks old. We celebrated…

By taking our first family shopping trip! We went to Sears to get a new dishwasher. Ours decided to start leaking on Friday night. That just won’t do, so we went shopping! We even took the opportunity to walk the mall. I rested the remainder of the day when we got home. But I really enjoyed our little family outing. Phoebe slept in the travel system the whole time, and I kept her covered, so people didn’t come up to want to touch her. At 3 weeks, I still worry about germy strangers touching her. 🙂

And we have the best pediatricians ever. We got a phone call at 6:30 Saturday night from one of the pediatricians on staff to let us know that her eye culture came back negative. We got the ok to stop the eye ointment at that point as well, which makes us all much happier. We just have to massage her tear duct to keep it from being clogged.


Since you guys asked nicely, here are pictures of my haircut. I’ve never had it quite this short before.
You will have to overlook the tired, makeup-less face in these photos. I do have a newborn at home. 🙂

And for your Phoebe fix, if you haven’t seen Misty‘s photoset of the Big Hat Party, you should definitely go take a look! Phoebe had her first playdate last week. Of course, she slept through the playdate, but we won’t fault her for that. 😉 It’s hard work being that cute! Oh by the way, the sleeper she is wearing in those photos, she’s already outgrown. Our little girl is growing!

Newborn checkup

On Wednesday, Phoebe had her newborn checkup. Here, she got weighed and measured, and her poor little heel pricked for the PKU test. First the numbers:
Height – 22 inches
Weight – 8 lb. 3 oz, so almost back up to birth weight (she probably has gained that last ounce by now)
Head circumference – 37 (I’m assuming this is cm, but the units aren’t written on my sheet).

So our little girl is growing! She’s getting so long I’m afraid it will be hard to clothe her soon.

The heel prick was difficult. I knew she’d be fine, but man, that child has a temper! She turned bright red and was screaming the whole time. I was able to calm her pretty quickly once it was over though.

And she got her first prescription! She had a bit of gunk in her right eye, and I asked about it. They got a sample, and gave a prescription for an antibiotic eye ointment. You know, it is not too easy to put an eye ointment into a baby’s eyes. But we’ve managed so far! They called back yesterday and said that her sample didn’t grow anything, so it is not infected. I still have to give her the ointment, and I’m supposed to massage the tear duct. Apparently those can get clogged.

In me news, I needed a haircut. Can anyone guess how much I cut it?

Beyond Frustrated

I may never get my license renewed! I went a couple of weeks ago, stood in line for half an hour with only one or two people making it through the line. Turns out the computer systems went down statewide and they had no idea how long it would take for it to come back up. Well, we only had 30 min. parking, so we left. I just tried to go get it done today at a different location, not that it would have mattered in a statewide computer downtime. I got there at 8:15 thinking they open at 8:00. Nope, they open at 8:30. Great. So I wait in line for the 15 minutes, when it is announced that their camera is down at that location and wouldn’t be back up until tomorrow. But the other locations are up. You mean, I’m late for work because of this? So here I am, back at work, more time missed, and I still don’t have a new license to show for it. Let’s also not forget that I’m trying my hardest to not take any leave time so that I have the maximum amount available for maternity leave in October. *sigh* Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow or Friday.