Sweater re-make

For some reason, I love projects that involve making something new out of something older. If you look at my delicious links, many of those are refashioning, recycling, upcycling, whatever you want to call it type links. I rarely take the time to do any of them, though. But this week, I did! I followed this tutorial for turning a turtleneck sweater into a cardigan. It was really easy and quick too! I wish I had a before picture, but it was really just a basic turtleneck sweater. There were no major problems with it. It shrunk a bit (I’m sure it is that and not any other reason it could be tight :)), and the turtleneck part was a bit itchy since it had some component of natural fibers in it. Anyway, I followed the tutorial and ended up with this:

From November 2010

Shh… don’t tell anybody that my “button” today was a scrapbooking brad. 🙂

I just did a simple crocheted shell border around the raw edges.

I may have to refashion more of my old sweaters! Instant gratification type project, that’s for sure!

And the brain washing has begun

Tonight Phoebe yelled very loudly and excitedly, “ROLL TIDE!” and I said, “No, we don’t say Roll Tide! We say Hotty Toddy!” She thought for a second and said, “No I say Roll Tide.” Then she asked me, “Mama, what do you say?” And I told her, “I say Hotty Toddy.” She said, “No you say War Eagle!” I told her, “No I do not say Roll Tide or War Eagle, but I do say Hotty Toddy.” Then Rick came in and tried to get her to say Go Dogs! She eventually said both Hotty Toddy and Go Dogs, but I don’t think I’ve convinced her to give up the Roll Tide yet.

So yes, my daughter is not 3 yet and this state is already brainwashing her that you are either Alabama or Auburn. There is no third option. We will have to work harder at convincing her otherwise. 🙂

15 Month Check

Sophie had her 15 month check two weeks ago! I’m way behind on posting her stats. I have to post them here so that when I fill out their baby books I have a reference somewhere. :).
Weight – 27.5 lbs.
Height – 32.25 inches.
Head circumference – 46.7 cm.

She’s growing well and doing everything she should be! While there she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. We’re still fighting it in one of her ears. So that’s no fun.

She’s been walking for a month now! I have a video somewhere that I need to upload and post. I’ll get to it soon!