Phoebe’s birthday!

Yesterday Phoebe turned 2! I could hardly stand to wait to give her the gifts last night. When we got home, she was hungry, so we had to eat first. But finally! we got to open her presents!

From October 2009

As you can see, she got a set of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. And she had to wear the entire set at once! She also got some triangular crayons and here she and her daddy were coloring. She’s also wearing some of her new hairbows she got too. Have I ever mentioned she’s a girly girl?

From October 2009

She also got a sesame street couch. I think she really, liked the couch! It folds into a “bed” according to her.

From October 2009

And a bean-bag! We probably wouldn’t have done two large gifts, but we’d already bought the bean bag when the opportunity to get the couch came about. So she got both.

She also got some Dora books, socks, and some more sunglasses. So she got quite a bit of stuff!

Sophie also enjoyed Phoebe’s presents! 😉

Phoebe was hilarious yesterday morning when she got up. I immediately started singing to her, and she said “No Happy Birthday to you!” Then in the car Rick and I both sang and she’d yell, “No Daddy! No Mama!” We’d tell her Happy Birthday, and she’d yell “No Happy Birthday!” We’d tell her she’s now two years old and then she’d yell “No two years old!” She doesn’t agree with much of anything we say first thing in the morning. Overall, I think her day was a good one. We took cookies to daycare to celebrate, and then she got all of her gifts at home after school. I think we did good picking out the gifts! She seemed to love all of it. Well, except maybe the socks and training pants. But everything else she loved!


We’ve had a lot to celebrate around here. Rick and Phoebe’s birthday are two weeks apart, so we tend to celebrate the whole two weeks worth! This year, we threw in Sophie’s dedication in the middle of all that, so even more to celebrate. Last weekend, we threw a big party to celebrate all three of these events. We had a great time with everyone here. There were lots of family and friends around. Children were everywhere. There was cake, ice cream cake, cookies, and brownies. It was great! My mom took some photos, and they can be found at my mom’s picasaweb, or on facebook.

A photo from the dedication (a few more are in the album):

From September 2009

Sophie is growing leaps and bounds. She’s in 9-12 month clothes now. She’s laughing more, though it’s still a bit of a lazy laugh. She’s starting to warm up to eating her baby food. She “talks” with you now, and gives you good, sloppy, wet baby sugars! Her hair is still looking red, so we’re starting to get more hopeful that it will stay that way. I’m afraid it’s still too early to tell, though, so we’ll see. She can roll back to front and back again, over, and over, and over again.

As for Phoebe, I can’t believe that she’s nearly two now! How did that happen? She’s definitely not a baby anymore and more of a toddler. She repeats everything we say. I’m always amazed at how much she talks and how much she can say. She loves to sing and is constantly singing kid songs. She’s even starting to sing to the radio, which is maybe making me consider listening to kid music all the time. I never thought I’d do that, but there are some songs I’d probably rather her not singing along to. We’ll see how that goes. She’s really sweet with her sister. Now that Sophie is more interactive, you can see them playing together more and more. I’m sure it will only get greater to watch them play as Sophie can do more herself. Phoebe is such a girly girl. She loves purses, dresses, hair bows, bracelets, and necklaces. She constantly has some combination of these on while we’re at home. It’s so sweet. She’s really a very sweet girl. Not a baby, but a little girl!

I live in constant amazement of these two little girls (and sometimes frustration too, I admit). It’s bittersweet watching them grow up, knowing that we’ll never go through a certain phase again. But it’s also so exciting to watch them do new things! I can’t believe how blessed we are.

Another one

Please forgive me. I have another massive photo post. We’ve been busy around here, but not much energy has been left to do a post!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Old MacDonald’s petting zoo. I managed to get Phoebe to kind of pet the deer after a failed attempt at trying to feed her an animal cracker (pictured earlier in the photos).

From July 2009

Phoebe was mostly afraid of the animals. The only ones she really cared about were the rabbits.

They apparently had cool toys, though.

And even a swing for Sophie!

In other goings on around here, Phoebe has figured out that daddy’s socks make great leg warmers!

Sophie’s just cute all the time.

And a few of the girls in the recliner. Just hanging out.

Blowing kisses.

Sugars for Sophie!

And that closes out our July photos. We really took a lot last month!

Tonight Sophie got to try cereal! I had to snap a few photos of this event as well. 🙂 At first, she was not so sure (left side). Then she kinda came around (middle and top right two). In the end she got really messy (bottom right) and decided that eating cereal was not an efficient way to eat. Why slurp off of a spoon what you can get in a bottle (I made it with her formula)? But not too bad for a first try! All of these photos are in the album individually as well.

From August 2009

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos!

3 months

The many faces of Sophie.

Today Sophie is three months old. I don’t know where the time has gone. She has definitely woken up more and grown a ton! Her little personality is starting to shine. She loves her swing. She likes to be held by us. She enjoys our family evening walks. It’s nice having her awake for these things. She smiles when we talk to her and loves for her big sister to talk to her as well! I even heard her laugh the other night while I was talking to her and changing her diaper! She also gives you dirty looks when you disturb her, as her daddy did this morning while she was napping in the swing and he ran into it.

Three months. Where has the time gone? I fear and dread the fact that now that I’m back at work and she’s in daycare that the time will pass all that much more quickly.