Since you guys asked nicely, here are pictures of my haircut. I’ve never had it quite this short before.
You will have to overlook the tired, makeup-less face in these photos. I do have a newborn at home. 🙂

And for your Phoebe fix, if you haven’t seen Misty‘s photoset of the Big Hat Party, you should definitely go take a look! Phoebe had her first playdate last week. Of course, she slept through the playdate, but we won’t fault her for that. 😉 It’s hard work being that cute! Oh by the way, the sleeper she is wearing in those photos, she’s already outgrown. Our little girl is growing!

Newborn checkup

On Wednesday, Phoebe had her newborn checkup. Here, she got weighed and measured, and her poor little heel pricked for the PKU test. First the numbers:
Height – 22 inches
Weight – 8 lb. 3 oz, so almost back up to birth weight (she probably has gained that last ounce by now)
Head circumference – 37 (I’m assuming this is cm, but the units aren’t written on my sheet).

So our little girl is growing! She’s getting so long I’m afraid it will be hard to clothe her soon.

The heel prick was difficult. I knew she’d be fine, but man, that child has a temper! She turned bright red and was screaming the whole time. I was able to calm her pretty quickly once it was over though.

And she got her first prescription! She had a bit of gunk in her right eye, and I asked about it. They got a sample, and gave a prescription for an antibiotic eye ointment. You know, it is not too easy to put an eye ointment into a baby’s eyes. But we’ve managed so far! They called back yesterday and said that her sample didn’t grow anything, so it is not infected. I still have to give her the ointment, and I’m supposed to massage the tear duct. Apparently those can get clogged.

In me news, I needed a haircut. Can anyone guess how much I cut it?

Phoebe’s Birth

It’s not that bad, really. 🙂

I started having contractions on the 5th, at about 12:30 am. They weren’t always regular though, so I wasn’t sure if they were “real” contractions. By wakeup time, they were coming about every 7-8 minutes. While I showered and got ready for work, they were every 3 minutes. But when I sat back down, they were back to every 7-8 minutes. I went onto work, but called the doctors office. They called back and said not to go in until the contractions were every 5 minutes. I wrote down the intervals all… day… long.. Sometimes they’d be as close as every 2-3 minutes, but then the next interval would be 15 or 20 minutes. It just wasn’t that regular. I went home after work and kept writing down these intervals. We went to bed, and I kept an eye on the clock while I tried to get some sleep. Around 10:15-10:30 or so, I got strangled and started coughing in bed. During one of the coughs, I felt something.. pop almost. Then a trickle of fluid. My water had broke. I jumped up, turned my lamp on, and told Rick that I though my water broke. I went to the bathroom and started getting dressed enough to go to the hospital, and my dear husband was still asleep. 😉 I patted him on the arm and told him again that my water broke. Up he got and started getting ready to go to the hospital. I called my parents on the way out the door.

The ride to the hospital was looong. I felt like my contractions were closer together, but I was no longer timing them. I figured my water had broken, so one way or the other this baby was on her way! Also, the Governor’s Drive construction is an evil thing. Luckily, I don’t think we hit any bumps in the middle of a contraction. I was too busy breathing to tell Rick to take it easy, though he wasn’t doing too bad a job.

Once at the hospital, I was rushed from the pediatric ER (you have to enter through there after hours, otherwise we would have gone in the entrance) to Labor and Delivery, while Rick parked the car. By the time he made it back up, I had checked in and was waiting on a nurse to take me to a room. Once in a labor and delivery room, things went very quickly. I changed into a lovely hospital gown, and was hooked up to outside monitors. The nurse checked me, and confirmed that my water had broken, but she was also pretty sure it was not a head she felt when she checked. An ultrasound machine was wheeled in, and it was confirmed that the baby was breech. This was a bit perplexing, since she had been head down just a few days earlier at my appointment. Shortly afterwards, the doctor on call came in. He also looked at the ultrasound, and confirmed again that she was breech. It was explained to me the risk associated with C-sections vs. a vaginal birth with a breech baby, and I quickly consented to the C-section. It was not the birth we planned, but we both felt it was the safest option at that point.

After that, I was given a shot of Terbutaline to stop my contractions. I had to receive a shot, since the first IV try was blown and a new one had to be run. Fortunately, the second IV took pretty easily. Shortly after my contractions stopped, and the new IV was successful, I was wheeled to the OR. The first thing done was the spinal. Getting a spinal allowed me to be awake throughout the surgery, without feeling a thing they were doing to me. Rick was not allowed in the room while I was getting this. The terbutaline made me shake uncontrollably. I did not like this and kept pointing out to the medical staff that I was shaking. I’m sure they got tired of me pointing it out, but I was was nervous about getting a needle in my back while I shook so much. It turned out just fine though. The spinal took, and I had no feeling below about my chest down.

Once the curtain was up and they started, Rick was allowed into the room. Within what seemed like a few minutes, I heard a baby crying, and nearly started crying myself. It was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. She certainly had healthy lungs. They weighed her, and I was quite surprised to find she weighed 8 lbs. 4 oz! Her estimated weight at my last prenatal appointment was 6 lbs. 5 oz! I couldn’t believe my baby was so much larger!

Phoebe Grace King was born at 1:21 am on October 6th, weighing in at 8 lbs. 4 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

After she was weighed and measured, Rick went with her. Things start to get fuzzy for me at this point, and he will have to fill in what happened afterwards. Once I was done in the OR, I was wheeled to recovery. My parents arrived around 2:00 am while I was still in recovery. They did allow my parents and my brother to come into the recovery room as well, which was nice.

I didn’t mention that through all of this, my blood pressure was high, and there was some protein in my urine. I was slightly pre-eclamptic. Because of this, I had been put on a magnesium drip, and I needed to stay in Labor and Delivery until the magnesium was removed. I spent much of Saturday in labor and delivery because of this. I also had a pain pump on Saturday and used it often. So Saturday is very fuzzy to me. My memory is spotty of the whole day. I know that my family from MS came to see us, and stayed for a while. But I have no idea what all was said. 😉

We had a string of visitors on Sunday, and I was finally allowed to go home Monday evening. I was very thankful to come home. I’m immensely thankful that I got to come home with a beautiful little girl. 🙂