January Whimseybox

Back in December, I read about Whimseybox in several of my favorite craft blogs. Whimseybox is a monthly subscription that sends you several craft samples each month! I was definitely smitten with this idea, so I immediately put myself on the waiting list. I received my first one in January.

In it, I got a variety of orange and pink ribbon, red acrylic paint, pink and green sculpey, some purple and red sequins, and an un-decorated slap bracelet. I still haven’t used all of the supplies in here, but I’ve definitely dabbled with some!

The first thing I tried was this acrylic paint transfer technique I saw on pinterest. I found this silhouette from the Graphics Fairy to use. The two little girls reminded me of Phoebe and Sophie, and of course I knew they’d love the cat in it, as well! I already had some gesso board on hand from a long time ago. The paint that came with my Whimseybox said it was idea of canvas, so I may try that another time. I only used a small portion of the paint sample they sent!

Once I printed my image, I had Phoebe help me paint the board.

Then, while the paint was still wet, I placed the image onto the board face down, as the tutorial I’d found on pinterest instructed.

Once the paint was good and dry, I sprayed the paper with a water bottle and got to work scraping off the paper.

And the end result!

I had a couple of places where I scraped the paint off, but nothing too bad. I put it up on the mantle while I decided whether or not to do anything else with it. I think for now, I’ll leave it the way it is. This was definitely a fun technique to try!

The other bit of the Whimseybox I’ve worked with was the sequins. I sewed some onto these crochet hearts that I’d made. I love the sparkle that the sequins added! I turned both of these hearts into barrettes for my girls to give their friends for Valentine’s Day.

Can’t wait to play around with the other supplies, too! I think I’ll do either buttons or beads, or both with the sculpey. I’ve pinned a bunch of ideas here. I think the girls will have a ton of fun with the slap bracelet, but I need to find just the right thing to decorate it with. Washi tape would be awesome, but I think I’d have to order it online, so we’ll see for now. I can already tell that Whimseybox is going to be perfect for getting me to try new supplies I probably wouldn’t have gone out and bought myself.

DIY Dress-up clothes storage

From June 2011

So for a while now, I’ve been wanting better dress-up storage for the girls’ dress up dresses. Last year, Santa brought them a big hat box that he thought would be good storage for that. Well, the girls’ dress-up dresses overflowed that box! I thought it’d be good to get something where the dresses could be hung up. I found some items like this one from Guidecraft that we could buy, but we really didn’t want to spend quite so much. Add to that we had a bookshelf just sitting around not being used, and, well, inspiration struck.

Of course, I’m not all that handy with the power tools, so this ended up being a project I thought of, but Rick executed. 🙂 We went to one of the big box home improvement stores (I don’t remember whether we hit the orange or blue one for this), picked up a wooden dowel, some screws, and a drill-bit about the size of the dowel. Rick cut the dowel to size, and then drilled holes in the shelf for the dowel, being careful not to drill all the way through. He then put the rod into the newly-drilled holes, and then secured each end with a screw. And that was about it! The girls love their little dress-up closet.

I’ve considered decorating it with scrapbook paper or wallpaper, or something, but so far we’ve left it the wooden-colored laminate that came on the shelf to begin with.

My Big Girl’s First Day in Big Church

Today was Phoebe’s first day to be a part of Big Church at Trinity. Big Enough for Big Church is how our children’s ministry describes the transition from the nursery to being a part of the worship service on Sunday mornings. Before today, Phoebe had only been to Big Church for special occasions such as when her choir began the worship service or for Sophie’s dedication.

To start this process, we had breakfast on Saturday with several of the other families who would be making this same transition today. This was a chance to explain to the kids some of the new concepts they were about to see, including things that have been a part of my life as long as a can remember… things like pews and pulpits and hymnals. I don’t know that I would have thought to explain these things. Amy, our children’s minister, had the children ask us a few questions about church as part of this. One that stuck with me (and I think Phoebe too) is what our favorite part of Big Church is. For both Jessica and me, this answer was the music. During their tour of the sanctuary, the kids all got to go check out the choir loft and see a choir robe. They quickly looked past that and on the bapistry… clearly with thoughts in their heads of how they could go swimming in there.

This morning, Jessica and I were in Sophie’s nursery class for the early service. Since we didn’t want Phoebe’s first experience in Big Church to be without us, she stuck around as our helper. Towards the end of this time, we pulled out construction paper and crayons. The younger girls just scribbled, but I asked Phoebe to draw what she was going to do in Big Church today. The picture below is what she drew without any other prompting! Our little big-girl apparently shares a love of music with her parents!

From August 2011

After Sunday School, I went off to get ready to sing with the choir. Jessica and Phoebe met me in the hallway before we went in so I could let Phoebe see me in my robe. She was so sweet and so excited at the same time. After the choir came in and I looked into the congregation, I saw my sweet little girl waving at her Daddy! I had to sneak a wave back in myself. Hopefully the teenage boys in front of her didn’t think I was waving at them. According to Jessica, Phoebe had a smile plastered on her face entire time the choir was singing.

A little while later, she headed off for Children’s Church and I watched her head out the door, something I’ll see many more times over the next few years.

It was a wonderful first experience for both Phoebe, Jessica, and me. We feel so blessed that we’re a part of this church and that they’re helping us raise our children up in the ways of Christ.

A Blanket for Brantley

A couple of weeks ago, my brother’s first child, Brantley, was born. I, doing as I do, made him a blanket.

I also decided to do a yarn-wrapped letter “B” for him as well.

From June 2011

Brantley was born on June 29, and had some health problems. I’m happy to report that his health has improved greatly since his birth. He appears to have quite the fighting spirit! We’ve all been so very thankful for the prayers and support offered by so many. Keep the prayers coming! We don’t know yet when he will come home, but hopefully it will be soon.

And finally, a family portrait from a few days ago. The ventilator has been removed since this photo was taken.

From July 2011

Thanks again to everyone for the prayers, thoughts, kind words, and encouragement. It means the world to all of us.

Lessons from a 3 year old

From July 2011

This morning on the way into school, Phoebe stopped by a patch of grass and looked at a mushroom. The following conversation occurred:

Phoebe: Look Mama!
Me: Yeah, that’s a mushroom.
Phoebe: Where did it come from?
Me, unsure how to answer in my not fully caffeinated state: Uh, the ground.
Phoebe: No, it came from God.

Couldn’t really argue with that.

On an unrelated note, I have a ton of posts floating around in my head. I need to find the time and energy to actually compose them. Hopefully soon regular posting will resume again.