A few photos

From June 2010

Phoebe sleeping in her winter hat (that thing is lined with fleece!) and mittens on a HOT Summer (almost anyway) Day. Silly girl! She was conked out too, since she didn’t move at all when I came in and took this picture!

From June 2010

More silliness- She likes to get shoes out of my closet and wear them around the house. Added bonus this day, she also decided to get the hand held broom and clean up. Too funny!

From June 2010

And of course, no post is complete without Sophie too! She was fussing here because she was ready for dinner! But she was smiling at the same time. Couldn’t make her mind up, I guess!

New Desk!

I forgot to take a before picture of this room with the old desk. I know everyone has been waiting to see this one since I tweeted and facebooked about wanting the desk and then about getting it. 🙂 So here are a few pics.

Just put together. Love it in this room!

From May 2010

Starting to fill it up with computer equipment. I was a little worried the desk part might not work with our computer. I think it turned out nicely, in the end.

And almost all decorated! I will eventually have the entire top shelf full of pictures. I still have to find them all in the boxes that have yet to be unpacked. And also, I haven’t ordered prints since October! So soon I’ll hopefully have a whole bunch of new pictures to put up there too!

Sophie’s Party

Um, several weeks ago we had a party for Sophie with all of our local friends. One of our friends was also supposed to have a party the day before, but due to weather, we combined the two. The upside to this plan? They had lots of outdoor toys and a big inflatable slide for all of the kiddos to have fun! Here are some pics. The pictures are thanks to Renee and Alex, because, well, my camera battery died so I didn’t get any pictures myself. 🙁 All of these pictures, plus a few more are in the album.

From April 2010

Sophie was not really interested in getting all messy to eat her cake. So I tried to get video, but you can see my efforts to draw her into it largely failed. She was happy as long as I was feeding it to her.

Sophie eating birthday cake from Jessica Drewrey King on Vimeo.

Phoebe was in love with the inflatable slide! She went down this thing dozens of times, I’m sure! Too cute!

Phoebe on the inflatable slide from Jessica Drewrey King on Vimeo.

All in all it was a great party! Everyone had a great time. There were lots of friends and great food. What more could you ask for?

Mother’s Day

We’ve had a great weekend!

From May 2010

Phoebe and I read magazines, we went to the pool, we played with the giant sprinkler ball and other toys in the back yard, we grilled, we shopped, and generally spent lots of time as a family. Couldn’t get much better for Mother’s Day weekend!

Note – the photos are all individually in the album as well if you wanted to see any of these big.

It’s not Charlie!

From March 2010

Phoebe’s school did a build a bear workshop thingy and she got a monkey. When I picked her up last Friday, she had the monkey and a birth certificate for it. It said the monkey’s name is “Charlie.” So I ask her about Charlie the monkey. She is adamant that “IT’S NOT CHARLIE, mama! It’s not!” So I never do get her to tell me the monkey’s name other than “it’s not Charlie.” So Rick and I have decided the monkey’s name is “notCharlie.” 😉

notCharlie lives at school now because apparently after they made them on Friday her teacher let Phoebe sleep with it and she fell asleep so much faster.

And now, a week later, she actually does let us call the monkey Charlie. Apparently it just took some time or something. Funny girl!