My kids have always fought bath time. Phoebe still screams her head off when I have to wash her hair. But then she’s ok once I’m done with that and she can play. Sophie has also come around to the fun of the bath. She loves to splash and get water all over the bathroom! Here’s a quick clip of the two of them playing in the bath. You can also hear Sophie say her favorite phrases, “No” and “Thank you.”

Untitled from Jessica Drewrey King on Vimeo.

Dum Dum Topiary with Bonus Tootsie Roll Pops!

For Sophie’s birthday party, I decided to make a Dum Dum topiary. I got the idea from this post on dollarstorecrafts.com. I thought it’d be neat to sprinkle some Tootsie Roll Pops in there because I like those. 🙂 Here’s what it looked like:

From April 2010

A few things about this craft. For one, when I looked back at the post that inspired this idea, I clearly got too big of a Styrofoam ball to make it. I tried to get a ball that was proportional to my container. This means that I ran out of candy when making it! Also, once I sent Rick to the store to get more candy, I still ran out! So the topiary had a bald spot, seen here:

So yeah, it used way more candy than I thought it would. I just tried to turn it so that you didn’t see its bald spot. Mistake #2 was that I tried to outsmart myself. I didn’t want to get a dowel because I’d have to cut it to size and also the dowels are unfinished. Instead, I bought a pack of plain colored pencils in the dollar section of Michaels. Well, the pencils really weren’t long enough, or thick enough. So I taped two together with an overlap a little bit. This was an ok fix. It probably would have been better if I’d added a third or fourth one, but it worked.

Mistake #3 was that the cute little Pooh container that matched Sophie’s high chair decorations for the party was not heavy enough. I needed to at least put something heavy in the bottom to counterweight that heavy ball of candy on top. So the topiary was a little bit tipsy. But again, it worked well enough.

In spite of these mistakes, I think it turned out really cute and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again! Just next time I can learn from my mistakes and make it better. And maybe now someone else can learn from these mistakes too.

Sophie’s Party

Um, several weeks ago we had a party for Sophie with all of our local friends. One of our friends was also supposed to have a party the day before, but due to weather, we combined the two. The upside to this plan? They had lots of outdoor toys and a big inflatable slide for all of the kiddos to have fun! Here are some pics. The pictures are thanks to Renee and Alex, because, well, my camera battery died so I didn’t get any pictures myself. 🙁 All of these pictures, plus a few more are in the album.

From April 2010

Sophie was not really interested in getting all messy to eat her cake. So I tried to get video, but you can see my efforts to draw her into it largely failed. She was happy as long as I was feeding it to her.

Sophie eating birthday cake from Jessica Drewrey King on Vimeo.

Phoebe was in love with the inflatable slide! She went down this thing dozens of times, I’m sure! Too cute!

Phoebe on the inflatable slide from Jessica Drewrey King on Vimeo.

All in all it was a great party! Everyone had a great time. There were lots of friends and great food. What more could you ask for?

Conversations with Phoebe

From May 2010

Last night after she’d been in bed for a little while she cried because she needed to potty. So I sit her down on the potty and she sees that I’m in my pjs. The conversation:

Phoebe: “Do you wake up in your bed?”
Me: “Yes I wake up in my bed.”
Phoebe: “I wake up in my bed!”
Me: “Where does Sophie wake up?”
Phoebe: “In her bed!”
Phoebe: “Does Daddy wake up in his bed?”
Me: “Yes, daddy wakes up in his bed.”
Phoebe: “Where’s your bed, mama?”
Me: “In my room.”
Phoebe: “That’s my room!” *pointing to her room
Me: “Yes, that’s your room.”
Phoebe: “Mama, where’s your room?”

I think she was confused because she knew where her room was, and Sophie’s room, and daddy’s room, but she didn’t know where my room was. I could see the little gears turning as she thought about that. I think at that point we were done on the potty because I don’t remember much else of the conversation.

And another one. Today they’re supposed to bring an item that starts with the letter P for show and tell. She wanted to bring her pig that does “This little piggy…,” which was fine. Yesterday at the dentist she got two little turtles – one pink and one purple. So in the car this is the conversation we had:

Phoebe: “Mama I want to take my turtle and my pig to show and tell.”
Me: “Turtle doesn’t start with P, you’re supposed to bring something that starts with p.”
Phoebe: “It’s a pink turtle. Pink turtle starts with P.”
Rick: “What about the purple turtle, does that start with P?”
Phoebe: “No, Pink Turtle.”
Me: “Purple starts with P too. Puh-Puh-Purple”
Phoebe: “No, Pink turtle starts with P. Puh-Puh-Pink.”
Me and Rick: Much laughter.

Somehow I convinced her to leave her pink turtle in the car and only take her pig in.

She cracks me up all the time, and amazes me daily with these types of conversations.

Sophie’s 1! and 12 month well check

From April 2010

My dear, sweet Sophie has turned a year old! How quickly has the past year flown by?! She’s grown so much! I have tons of pictures to show how active she’s been!

Not long ago we had family members here helping us to move so we decided to do an impromptu family birthday party for Sophie while everyone was here. She really enjoyed her cake!

From April 2010

After cake, she and Phoebe “helped” daddy put together one of Sophie’s birthday presents.

From April 2010

She’s an incredibly happy baby/soon to be toddler! She loves her cheerios! She often has one of these snack cups with cheerios in her hand!

She used to hate bath, but has come around to enjoy them. She even handles the hair washing better than her sister!

Last night I tried to get some 12 month shots. The top photo of this post is my favorite. But I also love this one of her and Phoebe laughing. They were both just playing and rolling around on the couch and giggling and having a good old time! Of course, they stopped once the video camera came out!

From April 2010

There are many more pictures in the album of her party and shots from her 12 month photoshoot last night. My mom also took some party pictures, as well as some Easter photos of us that you can go check out!

Sophie also had her 12 month check yesterday. Isn’t it amazing how happy she looks in those pictures that we took last night after having 3 shots and a finger prick earlier in the afternoon? Our little girl is doing great developmentally and she’s still growing like a weed. Here are her stats:
Weight: 25 lbs. 9 oz.
Height: 30 1/8”
Head circumference: 46.7 cm.