20 week ultrasound

We’ll have pics and probably a video soon. Today’s ultrasound showed us another little girl! The little girl otherwise looked healthy in there.

One troubling find was the placenta was completely covering my cervix (placenta previa). If the placenta doesn’t move up away from the cervix, then I will definitely have to have a C-section. I have to refrain from lifting Phoebe as much as I can and continue my exercise routine of no exercise. If I go to Labor and Delivery for any reason I’m supposed to tell them about it so that they won’t check my cervix, because of risk of bleeding. I will have a follow-up ultrasound in 8 weeks to check on where the placenta is at that time. My C-section will probably be scheduled a little bit earlier if the placenta doesn’t move. I don’t think this is a big deal as long as I don’t start bleeding.

Otherwise, the appt. went well. I gained a pound this time, so the weight gain is starting. Which I know is a relief to my OB and nurses. I guess we’re taking it easy from here on out!

Next appt. I have to take the 1 hour glucose tolerance test. I get to drink the nasty orange stuff before my appointment. yay.


I’ve been thinking a lot about Phoebe’s birth lately. I will fight the urge to retype it all here, since it is all in that post. I think this reflection is understandable, considering my current state. I didn’t write much about how I felt in that post. I remember being anxious, excited, nervous, and scared to death. I was facing a surgery that I did not intend on having. When she was born, I was overjoyed. Hearing her cry that first time is one of the best sounds I’ve heard in my life.

As this pregnancy is nearing its mid-point, I find myself constantly thinking of that day Phoebe was born. We will plan a C-section with this one. That was a decision that I did not take lightly, and sometimes I still wonder about it. The good news is that now I know what to expect with that, so it is perhaps less scary than the other option. But I think that any surgery is still scary, even if I’ve already been through it once. It should be a bit more relaxed this time. And not in the middle of the night!

I know we’ll be just fine in the end. In several more months, I very much look forward to meeting this new little person. For now… I have to go back to organizing my whole house!

Bunches of Photos

Catching up on 12 days worth of photos! 🙂 These are just samples. As always, there are more in the album!

From November 2008

Rick and I in our masks before Jason’s Masquerade Wedding at Burritt. This wedding was really beautiful. It was in the gazebo, overlooking the valley at sunset. Really, really beautiful.

From November 2008

The girl scout trying to eat her breakfast while dad tries to take a picture. She really wasn’t into cooperating with this photo. Also, my hair is really wet. I had just gotten out of the shower.

From November 2008

Before church on Sunday. I loved this jumper on her. I got some of those baby legwarmers at Target. I fear they were cutting her circulation off at the top part of her legs, so I may stick to leggings …

From November 2008

Bear Snuggles! We got video of this too. Some day we’ll transfer that onto the computer… It is really, really cute!

From November 2008

17 weeks! Last time I blamed Rick’s trick photography for making me look bigger. At least in this one, I think I look bigger in real life. Oh well. I am angled a bit, so that may be part of it. Please excuse the no makeup and wet hair… again…

I hope everyone is having a great week!


This pregnancy, I’ve been very sick. Now that I’ve reached 12 (almost 13) weeks, I keep thinking that it’s almost over and maybe I can stop taking the nausea meds. Well, no dice. I didn’t take any yesterday and I felt great all day. Suddenly last night I started getting sick and didn’t stop when my stomach was empty. I ultimately had to call the emergency line at my OB’s office. The result of that was for Rick to run to Wal-mart about 10:00 pm to get me some other meds. As a result of last night’s sickness, today it hurts to swallow. It’s really not fun to be me right now. This does have to end soon, right?

In other, happier news I will post about Phoebe’s second first birthday party later on.