Sophie’s Blanket

I finished the blanket for the new baby this week. I used the OpArt pattern from Knitty. I did make a few changes. One is that I knitted the blanket in stockinette instead of garter stitch. Since I did this, it was curling a bit at the edges, so I added a reverse single crochet edge to hopefully cut down on the curling. I haven’t washed it yet, so these photos are of the blanket straight off the needles. I hope our new little girl likes the pattern as much as I do. 🙂

From January 2009
From January 2009

All done and other words!

She said she was all done. I, however, was not. So I took her out of her high chair to appease her, but just held her in my lap. Apparently the food was tastier off of my plate…

From July2008

And she really does say all done when she’s all done. It sounds like “a-da,” and she’ll do the baby version of the all done sign (her version is waving both hands up and down). I’m starting to think she just thinks that’s a way to get her hands cleaned though, because once I wipe her hands off she tries to eat more. Other things she’ll say include, mama, dada, uh-uh, uh-oh, and I think hi. Our little girl is growing up! 🙂

T-shirt to shorts!

Recently, I found this pattern for kids shorts. I decided to take an old, shapeless gown that I never wear and turn it into shorts! The collage below illustrates the process. It took me three times sewing the elastic in before I actually anchored the elastic. How do other people handle this? I just tried to catch both ends of the elastic as I sewed the casing closed.

I may make some pants from this gown too. Rick pointed out that the shorts look kind of like boxers. I still think they’re cute! 🙂 There’s probably enough t-shirt fabric left to make pants and a top for little miss Phoebe!

From July2008

She likes them!

Wendy’s Shower Gift

From June 2008

This is the gift I made for Wendy’s shower. I crocheted the blanket, and knitted the bib and the burpcloth. I’m much better at the crocheting than the knitting, but the baby won’t care. If anyone wants to know what patterns I used, just ping me. I’ll post these to Ravelry too.

Yesterday was the shower, and we had a great time. Wendy got some great items and we all got to socialize some. Score!

Last night was supposed to be a party to celebrate a friend finishing his Ph. D. We did not make it, since Phoebe was spent after the shower. But a big congrats and way to go is due to Remy for finishing! Yay! 😀

I’m about to line up a few more posts, so it shouldn’t be so quiet around here for at least the next few days. 😉

Inspire Me Thursday » Child’s Play

Inspire Me Thursday » Child’s Play

Inspire Me Thursday is a new crafty challenge. It is weekly. They give you a topic every week and it is up to you to implement the challenge in whatever medium you wish! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do this one very well because it is weekly. This week’s topic is Child’s Play. Definitely sounds like a fun one though! Maybe I’ll be able to get something worked up by next week!