More crochet stuff

Ok.. I haven’t been very good at photographing my work and putting it up. I’ve finished several items without putting them up.

One of the easiest projects I’ve done is fuzzy, flip flops! That was my pair, but I also made a pair for Misty. Patterns for this can be found at the Lion Brand website. Another fuzzy flip flop pattern can be found at Marlo’s Crochet Corner. She also did a tutorial on her blog.

I also decided to try my hand at thread crochet. The result was this doily. The pattern for that doily came from Annie’s Favorite Crochet, June 2004 issue. This took forever! I couldn’t work on it for any length of time because my hands would get so tired.

Next up is a granny square purse. The back of the purse is here. I don’t know if I’ll use this purse, but it was kind of fun to make. I was following a pattern from the Better Homes and Gardens Simply Creative Crochet magazine. But it only had like 5 rounds and it was waaay too small, so I did twice as many rounds. Although in hindsite the smaller version would probably be good for a child. Oh well. I also decided to just do the back in a solid color.

I’m also experimenting with shapes. I decided to use these experiments as coasters. There were more shapes I want to play around with, just haven’t time. I got the instructions for these from the Reader’s Digest Encyclopedia of Needlework. I got that book on clearance at Michael’s for $9. I also had a coupon that day, intending it to be applied to some yarn, but it wound up applying to the book, so I got it even cheaper than that!

Finally, I also finished another scarf. You can see how long it is here, though the lighting for that picture is really bad. It’s not supposed to curl up that way. I made my chain too tight, so the end result was a curly scarf. I also didn’t intend on it being so long. I apparently have a hard time judging when I’ve got enough for a good length. It was supposed to have a border, but well… I ran out of yarn since I made it so long! But I think it’s ok as it is. I need to figure out a better place to photograph scarves. I also took a closeup of the stitch/pattern.
This pattern came from the crochet me webpage.

crochet projects

I started learning to crochet last January. I just put up an album in the gallery showcasing my projects. The multi-colored, funky-shaped scarf was my first project. Then I did Eli’s blanket, then the dishcloth. I’m a member of a crochet community in livejournal and a bunch of people there decided we should do a square exchange, so I’ve created a nested album in there full of my squares. I still have a bunch more to make though! Oh and I got tired of making squares last week and so I made the windowpanes scarf. The pattern for that scarf can be found at the crochet me webpage. Oh and the mother’s day gift basket. Rick took two pictures of this, but one of them corrupted for some reason. It had two crocheted wash cloths, a crocheted bath mitt, some soap I made, and bath salts that I just added scent to.