sick girl

Yesterday the daycare sent Phoebe home with a fever. I called the pediatrician because she’d had a runny nose for about a week now and the daycare said that she was pulling at her ear. The pediatrician saw her and said that she has the beginnings of an ear infection. We came home with an antibiotic and appear to already be on the mend. Her fever stayed around yesterday, even with motrin and tylenol. You could definitely tell she felt bad. It was pitiful. Thankfully today she’s not running any fever and appears to be normal. This is all good because I was planning on driving to Oxford today so that she can go to her first football game tomorrow!

She’s growing leaps and bounds lately. Her two top teeth are on their way in (maybe has to do with this runny nose/ear infection she’s had going). She’s also been opening and closing her hands to “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” She learned that at daycare. I noticed yesterday that she would do the hand motion to get me to sing it to her. Also yesterday she was saying “nananana” while I was changing her diaper. In response I said “nanana bobo.” And then she parroted nanana bobo back! I haven’t gotten her to repeat it, but I was so surprised that she did that!

Oh and this morning Molly destroyed Phoebe’s toothbrush. We had a special one with rubber bristles that I mostly let Phoebe chew on – her idea of brushing her teeth. I could have killed the dog. It came in one of those grooming/safety kits that we got at a shower. I’m still really upset at the dog over that one.

In pregnancy news – not much to report. I’m starting to feel queasy more and more often. I may soon have to ask for meds, but I’m trying to hold out a bit longer. Right now I can control it by making sure I eat often. While I’m at home, I’m living on goldfish because I can always just grab a handful between meals to keep me going. I go for an ultrasound in one week! Can’t wait!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Updates… full of ’em today

Congratulations to those of you who caught onto Rick’s last post! A few of you got the less subtle announcement on facebook. If you haven’t gotten either, I’ll spell it out here: I am pregnant. I’m only about 5 weeks pregnant, but definitely pregnant. I realize this early, though, anything could happen (I told Rick I still feel the need to point that out when I announce it). I realized that I would have written about it here no matter what, so I might as well stop trying to keep it a secret. Plus, I’m a little addicted to the support I got online last time. I have my first OB appt. on September 5, and I should get an ultrasound that day. I will be holding my breath a little bit between now and then when I should see a little heartbeat on the screen.

In Phoebe news, she started climbing the stairs last night! I ran to stay right behind her the whole time, and she made it up about 5 stairs before she tired out. I guess we’ll need to get a gate to go at the bottom now too….

Well, that’s really all the updates I have, but they’re both big ones, I think!