And Merry Christmas Too!

Sure, my husband is a little strange, but I think that I’ll keep him around.

For Christmas, Mom and Dad gave us a webcam, so here is our first attempt at it! We appologize for the size. If anyone can give us some hints/tips on getting that size down, we would REALLY appreciate it.

Our Christmas day is coming to a close right about now. For us things we great, but as I just found out, it wasn’t the best for everyone. Geof, we love you and we hope that you get healthy (and we mean REALLY healthy for at least a week or two).

Merry Christmas everyone!

Mewwy Christmas

meow, meow…. meow. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeow.

woof. bark.

It’s Christmas!!!! Yay! (translation for above) As you can see, Chad is more long winded that Molly and Vincent.

Today has been a lot of fun so far. We got up not-too early and immediately made a run for presents. Jessica just told me that she woke up around two and thought about opening presents then. Thankfully she didn’t wake me up, or I might be looking for a new wife 🙂

My parents were in town this past weekend and Jessica’s family is coming in this weekend. Since we went directly to opening presents rather than putting the beans on to soak, we are on our way out to possibly find us a ham. I like ham.

Off we go!

Walking Drug Store

Monday night: Killer Sinus infection strikes.
Tuesday morning: Go to doctor, get an antihistamine-decongestant and the antibiotic of doom (1000 mg of amoxicillin tablets taken two at at time twice daily please).
Wednesday morning: Feel tons better! Not 100% but definitely better.
Thursday morning: Get a side effect of taking antibiotic of doom. Having some bacteria in one’s body is good, and when taking 4000 mg a day, there isn’t much bacteria left. Instructed by doctor to keep taking antibiotic, eat yogurt, and take medicine to ease the side effect.
So that’s two huge pills of antibiotic twice a day, one huge antihistamine-decongestant twice a day, plus my cholesterol medicine, and now medicine to ease effects from all the medicine I’m taking. Also decongestants have a tendency to keep me up all night, so add to the list of my ailments that I’m incredibly sleepy, but can’t sleep. I think I’m gonna start skipping the night time dose of the Allegra-D. I’m getting better anyway. I won’t skip the antibiotics, because that can be bad too (even if taking it is bad as well).
I hope I feel better tomorrow… I have to go to work. 🙁 And after work Rick’s parents are going to be here for Christmas.


Since friends are begging for an update….
Yesterday was my senior thesis defense. And the great news is that I passed my defense, and my advisor was going through the grade change paperwork starting yesterday. So I have now finished all of my degree requirements.
Now all I have to do is make the final changes to my thesis, get two copies printed on good paper, and mail it to the honors college. Does anyone know where I can access a laser printer (I’ll go to Kinko’s if no one has one…)
So thought I’d share! I should have a degree very, very soon. Which makes me very, very happy. 😀