And Merry Christmas Too!

Sure, my husband is a little strange, but I think that I’ll keep him around.

For Christmas, Mom and Dad gave us a webcam, so here is our first attempt at it! We appologize for the size. If anyone can give us some hints/tips on getting that size down, we would REALLY appreciate it.

Our Christmas day is coming to a close right about now. For us things we great, but as I just found out, it wasn’t the best for everyone. Geof, we love you and we hope that you get healthy (and we mean REALLY healthy for at least a week or two).

Merry Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “And Merry Christmas Too!”

  1. I love y’all, too … me getting sick at Christmas just fits the way my whole December’s gone.

    KingCam … Oi.

  2. Just get better. Now! And stay better.

    That and explain how to properly use this trackback thingy. (I tried and failed miserably)

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